No delivery

Wednesday 23 April, 2014

Hi, after rapid initial response to a genuine enquiry. I was given instruction to bank transfer the full amount for my purchase order. Referenced my name.
Having then informed that the payment was successful I was instructed that my purchase would be with me in a few days.
After a week and no delivery I then emailed my contact to inform him of the situation. I was instructed that he would look into it. The guy then refused to return any of my further enquiries.
Please be assured I bookmarked this page to ensure I did not lose the page. After two further weeks of no replies I sent a speculative email to engage in further contact.
On return of my speculative enquiry I have engaged in further discourse to which the administrator of this website has denied knowledge of my purchase. My initial enquiry and my email address.
They have now tried to convince me that I have purchased of a bogus website similar to this page even thou it's quite impossible due to my bookmark.
Does this sound familiar to anyone else buying on this site? You are not the first one or seems won't be the last one ordering from another website then blaming us. You don't even have an order at us, we never ever accepted Bank Transfers. We can't know which site you did bookmark but sure not us. It is simple just check your received emails for the sender field and look at who sent you emails...

Update: This person forwarded previous email conversations with the guy he dealt with and it is clear that scammer email address is "[email protected]" but he still insist that he bought from us. Sent him about 10 emails to make him understand but no way such an ignorant!!
Testimonial By: Carl Parry