Thursday 14 November, 2013

This is the biggest bullshit ever!! Do not buy anything from these people!! They say on the home page " We are receiving many email from people who did order from other sites with similar domain names" Don't be foolish by these WARNING it's completely FAKE. All the other domains belong to these SCAMMERS. I order a cycle and as soon as I paid for it never heard from them again!!! All these "good" testemonials are done by them. Don be fool!! If you don't believe me just check the reviews on google they are all true!! Not to mention that there's never more than 2-4 members online in this website. This is clearly a sign that no one trust them and the ones online are the ones who are going to be deceived. How can this site be UK supplier since 2004 and there's only testimonials since 2012??? Think!! Be smart!! Let's bring these mothafuckas down!!! reply:
We couldn't pick up your payment nobody scammed you. We replied your all emails there is about 12 emails. You didn't follow the sent instructions so not our fault. All other related domains is not related with us only 1 of them which is .net one. And testimonials page put at year 2012 before that we were using another page at The bad reviews mostly written by our rivals also by people like you who don't read instructions then blame us! Btw all testimonials are real don't have to make a liar person like you to believe we have enough customers who trusts us and using our service for years.
Testimonial By: Pedro F.