Service Testimonial

Friday 08 February, 2013

Firstly I want to say that this website is completely legitimate which was my main concern of ordering these types of products online is that there are a lot of websites out there that scam, personally I have never been scammed myself as this is the first time I had ordered products like this. Before purchasing, I looked at all the testimonials, scoured the internet about people saying about BuySteroidsUK, I took the chance and purchased.

The communication thoughout was excellent and always had a reply within a few hours to 24 hours. They kept me informed of everything, they told me my packages were packaged ready and they were awaiting my payment, they had told me it had been shipped and when I had payed I had a confirmation through about a day later.

I ordered on the 27th of January and it came in the morning of the 6th of February. The package was very discreet and "normal", it just looked like a regular large packaged envelope (a little bigger than a piece of A4 paper). Inside there were about 20 packets of tablets, there were 4 pieces of 5 tablet packages stuck together with sellotape then stuck on a back of a piece of card with a nice design on, they also sent me a free gift!

I am very happy with the service, BuySteroidsUK is the first website I have used and the only website I will use for this!
Testimonial By: Lloyd — South Wales